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MY CPA Dashboard is your lifeline in a sea of accounting paperwork and client requests. This online tool designed as CRM for CPAs or CRM for Accountants, takes the stress out of accounting firm management and makes it easier for you to reach your goals. CPAs, Accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals use this web portal to seamlessly communicate with clients without the hassle. The easy-to-use paperless portal connects clients to their CPAs, Accountants,  bookkeepers, and tax professionals, improving client communication and satisfaction.

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It really is that easy to get started. Sign up for My CPA Dashboard and start benefiting from this innovative accounting portal.

Sign up for MY CPA Dashboard

You’ll receive a link to your own accounting firm portal upon signup. Direct the link to your website to get started with simple and secure client communication using our accounting firm portal.

Add your clients

When you sign up with our accounting firm portal, you’ll create a profile that will allow you to add your clients. Just add your clients’ names and email addresses so you can use the CRM to communicate with them.

Sync your Workflow

My CPA Dashboard takes pride in being your resource for accessing the information that is most important to your practice. Connect your client's bank accounts and securely import transaction history from over 16000 financial institutions.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Financial Services

Save time and money with a paperless office and standardized workflows through this CRM for CPAs

Securely collect, store,  & share files

Simplify the process of book keeping by collecting files from clients, storing them securely, and sharing them with the right people.

Create efficient, standardized, workflows

Simple workflows and standardized templates help you streamline your processes and gain efficiencies that scale.

SmartVault - Online Document Storage

Easy to learn, easy to use

If it’s not easy to get started and fun to manage, your employees and clients won’t use it. We guarantee you’ll love MY CPA Dashboard, or you’ll get your money back.


Receive clients bank statements on monthly basis

Spend more time on what is value adding to your client and less time fetching, filing and finding accounting documents.

Eliminate security vulnerabilities

Physical document handling brings a number of vulnerabilities that could impact your practice. Our software uses industry-standard security to protect your documents and your business.

MY CPA Dashboard will help you build your paperless practice