How to Make Your CPA Email Marketing More Effective

How to Make Your CPA Email Marketing More Effective

How to Make Your CPA Email Marketing Persuasion More Effective - My CPA Dashboard

The current business environment is extremely cut-throat. Every day, thousands of ventures come into existence in the online world and a lot of them die even before getting out of their nascent phase. If you are a CPA who offers online bookkeeping for small businesses, then you must have experienced the heat of this competitive marketplace.

Reaching out to prospective customers is never easy when you have to work alongside a lot of competitors. Nevertheless, there are ways to make your mark among all that competition. For instance, if you market your online bookkeeping firm business through emails, you can use some tricks to make your email marketing efforts more successful.

Make Things Clear in the Subject Line

Don’t make your email’s subject line a place for exercising your creative muscles. Having vague subject lines with extensive wordplay is not going to help you with clients that are looking for expert financial and accounting services. If you are well-aware of your target market (and you should be), then write a subject line that pushes the recipients to open the mail to see its content.

A Short and Snappy CPA Email Body With Clear CTA

Clients trying to resolve their tax preparation woes are most certainly not interested in reading about the history of your business and what has inspired you to start it. They just want to know what you are offering to them that will iron out their financial creases.

So, make sure your CPA email doesn’t get to the next page. Also, make a distinctive CTA so any interested prospective client can easily reach out to your online bookkeeping firm.

With these two basics in place, now try this hack to make your email promotions and persuasion more fruitful.

Try Off-Peak Hours for CPA Email

Sending out unsolicited marketing emails during business hours might not always be a good idea. A client already entangled in many tasks might choose to ignore an email, even if it has a catchy and response-inducing subject line. So, try to send out such emails during off-peak hours. To stay on the safe side, conduct AB testing and see if this trick is paying off.

While trying to make your email campaign stand out among other similar correspondences from competitors, you should also try to make your bookkeeping and tax preparation services unique by adding more value to it. Offering the services of an online accounting portal is one such value addition that can make all the difference in your completion with other online CPAs.

My CPA Dashboard is one such online portal that would help you stand out among other online CPAs and bookkeepers. It’s a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite for CPAs offering bookkeeping for small businesses.