Getting Positive Reviews from Bookkeeping Clients

Getting Positive Reviews from Bookkeeping Clients


How to Get Positive Reviews from Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation Clients

Gone are the days when people would go on to deal with a business without carrying out ‘background checks’. Today, when every industry and business landscape is expanding on the internet, consumers pay a lot of heed to online reviews. Different statistics suggest that more than 90% of consumers go through relevant online reviews before buying or availing any service.

If you are spearheading an online accounting firm then you should strive for as much as reviews as possible. Many CPAs, bookkeeping, and tax preparation specialists are apprehensive of online reviews because of their negative nature. But here’s one essential thing to remember: no matter how much you avoid online reviews, it doesn’t change the fact that your prospective bookkeeping and accounting clients consider them really important.

Therefore, the better approach is to go all-out for positive reviews and tackle negative ones with effective reputation management (we have discussed its pointers in one of the previous blog posts). By acting upon following two things, you will be able to gather more positive reviews about your online accounting firms.

A Follow-up Correspondence with a Satisfied Customer Can Get You a Priced Positive Review

If you are quite sure that you have delivered the accounting and tax preparation services that the client was looking for, then don’t waste this opportunity to get a stellar review from them. You can get it through a follow-up email or a call. If possible, get an in-person review and record it. Video testimonials from legitimate business owner are the most effective reviews. It can help you in roping in those accounting clients that have been sitting on the fence for a long time.

Make it as Easy as Possible for a Client to Review your Accounting Firm

You are not going to get any reviews at all if it entails a lot of work. And by a lot of work, we mean searching the links and sections to drop a review. No matter how happy a client is with your bookkeeping, online payroll management, and tax preparation, they will not go the extra mile just to leave a review. Always give them the exact location and landing page where you want them to review your service.

Good Book Keeping Services Eventually Precipitates Into Good Reviews

While putting in the effort to gather online reviews, don’t forget that it will only become possible if you are offering impeccable accounting and bookkeeping services.  When an online bookkeeping firm works alongside a digital dashboard that features services, such as cloud storage, secure file sharing, and e-signature, it is only natural to get good raving reviews about your online CPA venture.

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