Lead Generation Guide for Online CPAs

Lead Generation Guide for Online CPAs

MY CPA Dashboard - Lead Generation Guide for Online CPAs

Online CPAs, particularly the ones offering their bookkeeping and tax preparation service on the web, have to work on many fronts all at once. Apart from doing their core job of handling finances, they have to establish effective communication channels with clients. Moreover, taking care of federal and state compliances is also part of their job.

Already having too much on the plate, many of them don’t get the time to exclusively work on lead generation. For online bookkeeping firms, customer attrition is an inevitable business regulation and they can only make up for it by making lead generation an ongoing process.

Here, we are going to discuss two distinctive ways in which online bookkeeping and tax preparation firms can generate lead without affecting their work and making any extra effort.

1) Establish and Project Your Authenticity and Skills

If you are working in a digital medium, then you should continuously project your authenticity to potential clients through your online footprint. Many small businesses decide to avail the service of an online bookkeeping firm only when they are fully convinced of their expertise.

You can do this by setting up a blog that contains non-salesy content your clients are interested in. Educating and informing prospective clients about the basics and also the intricacies of bookkeeping and accounting is a great way to move them down the sales funnel. Similarly, give your website and social media a more professional outlook.

What elements should be part of any CPA’s website? We will discuss this in a separate blog post.

2) Gather Positive Reviews from Existing Clients to your Online CPAs

Positive reviews are a catalyst for the process of lead generation. So, make sure your existing clients leave positive reviews and feedback on different online platforms.  However, they can’t be appreciative and positive in their reviews unless you offer them exemplary services.

Only a happy and satisfied customer is willing to give encouraging, positive reviews. With the accumulation of positive reviews across Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other such platforms, you can actually have brighter prospects of experiencing better lead generation.

Online Accounting Portal Will Earn You Those Positive Reviews

If you are providing seamless accounting and bookkeeping services through an online accounting portal that offers online payroll management, secure file sharing through cloud storage and easy e-signature authorization, then getting those positive reviews will become more effortless.

In some instance, you don’t even have to remind clients to give feedback. The first-rate quality of bookkeeping services will sway them to give your business the thumbs-up on different review platforms.

My CPA Dashboard is an online portal designed for CPAs offering their services online. With its modern CRM setup, you can deliver the best working experience to your client base that will eventually also helps you with lead generation.